On-site & Online Training in UAE

We provide quality computer training and skills to boost your career. We combine real world experience and training to give you the right direction in your daily office administration. We service all levels of business from small sector through to the Enterprise and Government, delivering training to enhance employee productivity and maximize business investments in IT systems.

We provide both online and on-site training to organizations all over the UAE for very affordable rates.

We offer the following courses:
Business Computing

Business Computing emphasises the business uses of IT, and provides the skills needed to produce the commercial and administrative business computer systems of tomorrow.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the most cost effective and powerful forms of digital marketing and often forms the basis of online marketing strategies, as it is inexpensive, reliable and the return on investment (ROI) can be very high.

Social media applications

This course introduces you to the context of social media use for business, strategies for social media application, and a practical introduction to the most common and useful social media tools for business.

Dreamweaver Training

Introduction to Dreamweaver
Site management, visual design, tools for creating tables and forms, implementing style sheets, and adding javascript or behaviors.

Flash Training Course

A course on action scripting, from A to Z. Learn the most hidden secrets of Flash.

Web Content Writing and Editing

Utilizes examples, discussions, and exercises designed to demystify the art and science of effective writing and editing for the e-audience.

Search Engine Promotion Training

Search engines are the #1 way people find new sites on the Web. Learn techniques to increase traffic to your site and get you a top search engine ranking.

Web Site Promotion

This course shows how small businesses are successfully taking advantage of the Internet for promotional and marketing opportunities.

HTML Class

Learn HTML5 by hand! Get rid of the WYSIWYG and get down to the nuts and bolts of HTML. Great for beginners!

CSS Class

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets. Learn the basics of separating style from structure within an HTML document.


Introduction to XHTML. Study the structure and syntax of XHTML, the bridge language between HTML and XML.

Database design

Introduction to Database Design. This course will give you the steps to design a database.

SQL Training

Introduction to SQL (Using Access). Hands-on class in learning SQL queries – Great for beginners

PHP Tutorial

Introduction to PHPVariables, arrays, flow control, form interaction, sticky forms, functions and code libraries.

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