Email Marketing in UAE

Email marketing is a professional method of communicating with customers, potential buyers and other stakeholders via the internet. Bulk recipients receive emails with your business newsletters, invitations, mail-outs, promotions and other significant business communications in an instant, saving time and money. Promote your Business, Website, Events or simply your Facebook account to millions across UAE through our email marketing tool.

Email marketing will improve the relationship between customer and business, encouraging purchase and loyalty. A better relationship results in satisfied customers and repeated business transactions. An increasing number of people are looking for companies, products, offers and services solely on the Internet. It’s therefore vital for any successful company to put your business in front of the right audience. Our mail sending software can strengthen your customer loyalty by sending regular, targeted, relevant newsletters and email marketing campaigns. Email marketing has the power to speak instantly and directly to your customers and can form a vital part in your online marketing strategy. It is wholly measurable, allows you to build trust and loyalty online and fundamentally, is timely, cost effective and ensures your business stand out. We work with you through creation, delivery & analysis of your effective email marketing campaign enabling you to communicate with customers instantly.

Email Design

We create stunning latest HTML5 designs matching your company’s logo or website that can help customers recognize your emails more easily. So each of our HTML email templates comes in a variety of color schemes. You can also use your own design and email database. We send emails in both HTML and text version.

Email Database

Our email database contains all the valid emails your company need to begin building relationship with the many great businesses opportunities. All the emails are valid and extracted from sources such as gulf news classifieds, khaleej times, dubizzle, tecom directory and yellow pages.

Email Server

Our latest ultra-speed email servers located in Berkshire, England can send, receive and track email effortlessly. All our servers are equipped with the latest generations of core processor from AMD and Intel®, with brand new AMD 16-core and Intel® Xeon® E3 technology – ensuring optimal performance from up to 32 cores!.


With our email sending software tracking your email marketing is easy. We provide complete reports after each e-mail campaign is sent including: number of emails sent, who has clicked the links, who has viewed your emails, number of unsubscribers, bounced emails, forwarded emails etc. See Demo: image1 | image 2 | image3

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Pricing & Plan

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