Email Marketing in UAE – Why Better Than Other Forms of Marketing

Email Marketing For Small & Medium-sized Businesses in UAE
March 6, 2016
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February 19, 2018

Email Marketing in UAE – Why Better Than Other Forms of Marketing

Email marketing in UAE – Better than any other forms of marketing

Regular, well-written emails sent to the right people are cheap to send, and very effective if you take the time to send them correctly.

E-mail marketing is very powerful in general, because it enhances your brand and works by acquiring trust and attention over a longer term than a regular commercial does. E-mail marketing also enables sales through other channels. So, for example, a client could choose your products at a store in real life, just because the client knows you from somewhere.

To reiterate, these four reasons make e-mail marketing superior to other forms of direct marketing:

  • E-mail marketing is based on trust and long-term gains, thus, if played correctly, it skyrockets the buzz about your products or services.
  • E-mail marketing can achieve great results with scarce resources.
  • E-mail marketing gets better response rates.
  • Permission-based e-mail mostly reaches from 90-100% of your subscribers, as opposed to unsolicited e-mail, which gets deleted instantly by approximately 76% of its recipients. If spam filters don’t delete it.

E-mail marketing platforms, on the other hand, offer tracking numerous things:

  • Was an individual email was opened? When?
  • Did the user click a link?
  • Which user clicked the link?
  • How many e-mails were undelivered? Which ones?
  • What is the general efficiency of the current campaign?

And lastly, permission-based email feels a lot better. You can actually see for yourself if the clients like your e-mails and products. A permission does protect you against the seller’s remorse.
It’s cheap, too.

Bandwidth was a problem until… 2002? Because the internet has evolved, sending e-mail costs virtually nothing in comparison to direct mail and phone calls. Yes, you get bargain deals with post companies and phone operators, but nothing can compare to how little sending an e-mail costs. Check out our affordable email marketing packages in UAE and promote your business today.